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Thursday, July 3, 2014

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

On Tuesday, buses of immigrant children were met by angry protesters, outside a DHS facility in Murietta, California. As you might expect, most of the crowd was comprised of folks that had a GED, rather than a Ph.D.
The vast majority of signs I've seen mention something about protecting our kids from diseases.  I can only imagine this is a result of the coverage from Fox News and Breitbart, who have accused these poor kids of carrying everything from chicken pox, to TB, to scabies.  In fact, if you Google "immigration scabies", you'll pull up a who's who of conservative blogs.  

You know, even if these children are infected with everything under the sun, you wouldn't have anything to worry about if you VACCINATED YOUR FUCKING KIDS.

But, then again, you can't even spell at a fourth grade level, so I'm guessing middle school biology isn't your strong suit.

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