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Thursday, July 3, 2014

"I Learned It From Watching You!"

My kid drives me absolutely INSANE sometimes.

We're watching 'Modern Family', and every thirty seconds she's repeating a funny line from the show.  It's driving me nuts.  Then, about three minutes later, I catch myself doing the exact same thing.

Oh my god, I can't imagine how annoying I am to watch TV with.  And, my wife has been watching TV and movies with me for nine years.  And, she still slept with me!  Twice!!!

I guess you can say that my wife taught me a lesson in patience today.  Because, I would have dumped my annoying ass eight and a half years ago....


  1. Haha! I hate it when a habit my kid is doing that is completely and utterly annoying turns out to come from me! Aaaaugh!

    Also "I learned it from watching you!" made me laugh and laugh.

  2. Excellent - though I think I do it because my daughter does!