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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank You, Dove Men+Care

BTW, this is NOT a sponsored post.  (Although, it would be nice to have a couple of sponsors around here.)

I generally can't relate to most Father's Day ads that I see.  I don't mow the lawn.  I DESPISE yard work.  I don't like sports.  With the exception of changing the occasional light bulb, I'm freaking clueless when it comes to fixing stuff around the house.  Heck, last time I tried to mount a shelf to the wall, it covered seven inches of the window next to it.

I don't own a tool set.  All the tools in our home were originally purchased by my wife.  Three Christmases ago, my in-laws got me a Dremel with a set of dozens of attachments.  I still haven't opened the box. I wouldn't know what to do in Sears. I feel more at home at a Cost Plus or Pier 1 Imports, than what I would at an "outdoor" store.

I don't wear ties.  I detest Dockers.  And, the only pair of shoes I own that isn't flip flops, is a pair of skate shoes.  Let's just say that when I see a commercial on television that is aimed at dads, I don't feel like they're speaking to me.  That's why I was blown away by Dove Men+Care.

On Monday, Dove Men+Care debuted a commercial on YouTube. I've seen it over a dozen times so far, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've cried every single time.  Finally - FINALLY - someone has put out a Father's Day ad that shows us dads some genuine appreciation.

Too many times, dads are painted as the bumbling idiots that might not be capable of keeping the kid alive.  We're the babysitter (and the shitty one, at that).  We can only be trusted to grill burgers and kill spiders.  And for that, we get the big piece of chicken and the remote control.  The stereotype of the incompetent dad has been so overplayed, some companies are advertising directly to men while openly mocking them.  Take a look at this monstrosity that Bud Light aired a couple of months ago:

Dove's most recent ad treats dads as responsible and engaged, instead of the bumbling idiot that somehow has this little one with them.  It's quite refreshing to see.  Grab a tissue, and take a look at this wonderful advertisement:

I think I need to go buy some more body wash.

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  1. Awww, that's so sweet! I think I'll go share that with some Dads!